[cob led strip] cob led strip application and installation

[cob led strip] cob led strip application and installation

Since its launch in 2019, cob led strip has been more and more favored by advertising logo light source customers in foreign advertising light boxes, supermini characters, and luminous characters. The reasons for this are the following points worth considering:





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Uniform linear light emission: cob led strip are easier to achieve ultra-high-density chips with more than 300-800 chips, while traditional SMD2835/2110/2216/3528/5050 and other S-type light strips & diffuse reflection light strips, to achieve this High density, there are quite high requirements for FPC manufacturing, SMT technology and assembly;

160/180 degree light emission without optical lens: traditional S-type light strips & diffuse reflection light strips need to achieve a light-emitting angle greater than 120 degrees, and a large-angle optical lens needs to be covered on the lamp beads to achieve 160-180 degrees The light emitting angle of the cob led strip does not require an optical lens and the light emitted has an angle of 160-180;

Reduce the cost of light boxes & luminous characters by 20-30%: Under the premise of the same illuminance and uniformity, cob led strip can reduce the number of light sources and reduce the thickness of signs & light boxes compared to S-type light strips & diffuse light strips , High production efficiency and reduced labor cost;

Rich color types: cob led strip can be made in as many colors as S-type light strips & diffuse reflection, such as white light 1500K-20000K and above, red, green, blue, rose red, ice blue, RGB, RGBW, RGBWW, etc.;

Reduce transportation costs: cob led strip are flexible and can be packaged into any length you want, such as conventional 5 meters, 10 meters, 20 meters, or even 100 meters, 200 meters. They are light in type, small in size, and comparable. Compared with the diffuse reflection hard light bar, it greatly saves transportation costs and reduces the damage rate during transportation;

Improve production efficiency: LEDs on traditional SMD light strips need to be completed in the LED packaging factory after solid crystal bonding, soldering, and glue dispensing are completed, and then go to the downstream light strip manufacturing plant to complete SMT, boarding, testing and other processes, while cob led strip packaging and finished product assembly can be completed in one factory, which speeds up the production lead time, improves production efficiency and reduces production costs;

Technical & financial threshold: The manufacturing of cob led strip requires the factory to have both the technical strength and talents of LED packaging and light bars, and it also requires the factory to have abundant financial strength. It involves a large investment in LED packaging equipment and technology needs to be updated in time. The cob led strip is an innovative and revolutionary product, and a milestone product since the LED light strip light source has been on the market for more than ten years.

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